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OOWT100 is the satellite of On Our Way To 100. The Flagship Site of the OOWT Makaw Network, a group of community sites designed to offer information and topics of discussion, or services for a variety of niches .

On Our Way To 100 is a community resource site for everyone who realizes that each of us is on a unique journey that is all our own. Our goal is to offer topics and discussions we can share with each other, as well as providing products in our store that the community finds relevant as we travel on our way to 100.

Around 50 Dating is a relationship discovery resource site. One that offers a platform where people can engage with other people who want to explore various connections that satisfy a desire to find that special friend, unrivaled partner, or that individual you can just be social with. Whatever person you hope to find, we can expedite that process at Around 50 Dating.

Express Writers Online is a writing content resource site for any assistance you may need developing your profile on any social media platform or dating site you may decide to engage with. We also specialize in a variety of services for webmasters, from emotional copy to reviews and posts for their websites. Whatever the project may be, anybody who needs assistance with written text can benefit from our services at Express Writers Online.

VR Relationships is an information resource site that offers posts and articles that revolve around technology. We are surrounded by technological advances that impact our daily lives, and their influence is only going to increase. From the use of Virtual Reality in mental healthcare practices, to everyday uses of Augmented Reality with our cellphones, to the consequences of Artificial Intelligence, we want to explore it all in VR Relationships.

VR Site Reviews is a review resource site that offers honest reviews of a range of VR Sites, to the latest VR Games, and VR Equipment that is used for a variety of purposes. We also offer reviews on 3D Movies and any Technology we feel is connected to each of these categories. We strive to stay on top of this fast paced world to keep you informed at VR Site Reviews .